Russian President Putin pardons second cannibal killer in a week as reward for fight against Ukraine

Vladimir Putin has pardoned a cannibal from a 22-year prison sentence after he was injured while fighting against Ukraine.

Denis Gorin, 44, is the latest brutal killer to be released from prison and allowed back into society.

This follows the release of a Satanist cannibal killer earlier this week.

Gorin killed for the first time in 2002, cutting off the ears and pieces of flesh from the body that he later ate. His victim, the first of four, was stabbed more than 50 times. He was sentenced to ten years in prison and released early for “good behavior.”

In November 2010, he killed a 36-year-old man named Alexander, for which he was finally convicted in 2017 after his body was found. Gorin admitted to stripping the corpses, cutting up the flesh and eating it, before throwing the remains into the river.

Gorin “cut soft tissue from the victim’s limbs using a knife he had with him, which he later consumed as food,” the court verdict said.

He would store the human flesh in the fridge and cook it later, the court heard.

In 2012, he and his brother brutally beat his nephew’s alleged attacker to death. It was later confirmed that the victim was an innocent man and not the alleged attacker.

Another murder in 2012 was also taken into consideration, as he was imprisoned for 22 years. But now he is in hospital recovering from war wounds after receiving a pardon from Putin.

“He is in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, in the hospital, with a moderate injury,” his neighbor told Sibir.Realii.

Earlier this week it was revealed that Putin had pardoned Nikolay Ogolobyak, 33, who dismembered teenagers.

The self-confessed cannibal Satanist was convicted of killing and devouring two children. He was the eldest of a sect of Satanists in Yaroslavl and all four were convicted of grotesque crimes.

Satanists killed three girls and a boy aged 16 and 17 after engaging in animal sacrifices and digging up human graves.

Each of the teenagers was drugged and stabbed 666 times with daggers, dismembered and then cooked over a fire in a revolting Satanist ritual carried out over two nights.

The criminals, including Ogolobyak, recited a Satanist text found on the internet.

Their limbs, hearts, scalp, breasts and genitals were cut off and recovered from a pit along with the body of a small rodent crucified on an upside-down cross.

Anna Gorokhova, 16, Olga Pukhova, 15, Vavara Kuzmina, 16 and Andrei Sorokin, 16, disappeared in June 2008 and their bodies were only found in mid-August. They were declared victims of “brutal ritualistic child murders” by a Russian court, following a two-year criminal investigation.

Ogolobyak was found guilty of murdering two people.

According to Mail Online, Putin pardoned thousands of rapists, murderers and maniacs who fought for him in Ukraine. Those who remain alive for six months, or are discharged early after being injured, have their criminal records erased.


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