River Assembly: Ehime faction passes vote of confidence in Governor Tomihara

Some members of the Rivers State House of Assembly remain loyal to factional chairman Edison Ehie and have passed a vote of confidence in Governor Siminalai Hubara.

The MPs, who sat separately from other MPs in the camp of Speaker Martins Amaefure, commended the governor for his progress in the development of the state and his commitment to security.

In a statement released to reporters, the lawmakers pointed out, “We need someone with great vision and peace to steer the ship of development for the benefit of the people.”

The pro-Hubala legislators are determined to “continue to give the governor the support he needs to achieve the integration and continuity agenda that is in the state’s interest.”

They also condemned the attack on Ehie House and the burning of the Rivers State House of Assembly.

While appealing to the governor to begin repair work on the Parliament complex as soon as possible, he called on the Inspector General of Police and other security agencies in the state to investigate the recent attacks in the state and arrest the culprits.

Source: dailypost.ng

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