Rita Edochie protests against Yul over demanding bride price from May

Rita Edochie protests against Yul over demanding bride price from May

Veteran Nollywood actress Rita Edochie has called out Yul Edochie for demanding bride price from his estranged wife May Edochie.

DAILY POST reported that in an Instagram post on Wednesday, Yul demanded a refund of the bride price he paid for his marriage to his first wife, May Edoche.

Yul's aunt, Rita Edochie, reacted to the development in a post on her official Facebook page, pointing out that May has no right to refund the man's bride price.

“A woman has no right to repay a man's bride price. Rather, it is the man who moves with his relatives to the woman's homeland and asks for the bride price back, just as he paid it in the first place.

“Queen May has asked for a divorce. She urged her son Yul to come and collect the bride price, but Yul continued to hold back, thinking that he would later succumb to Queen May's polygamous wishes.

“It was not until late 2023, when this matter went to court, that he began demanding the bride price that you (Judy Austin) had been extorting from him.

“Unfortunately, this matter is currently in the jurisdiction of the courts and nothing can be done until the trial is over. Therefore, again, without the consent and order of the court, Pride Price will not be returned. Hmm. That's why you always have to wait.”

Source: dailypost.ng

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