“Revival is here”: Thousands turn to Jesus at US Party School No. 2, hundreds are baptized in the well

“Revival is here”: Hundreds turn to Jesus and get baptized in the well at US Party School No. 2

New York Times bestselling Christian author and founder of IF:Gathering Jennie Allen reports again that the Spirit of God is at work in the hearts of thousands of college students, this time at Florida State University in Tallahassee.

In a post Friday on Instagram and Facebook, she shared a photo of a student who had just been baptized in the university's Westcott Fountain on Thursday evening.

“It happens again! FSU baptisms! Hundreds, perhaps a thousand, students came forward to trust Jesus. Without the Holy Spirit we cannot explain what is happening,” she wrote.

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In a second post, Allen shared a video that showed hundreds of FSU students gathering around the fountain, singing and praising God.

“4,500 students at Florida State University (one of the largest party schools in the country) confessed their struggles and sins tonight. Hundreds came forward to trust Christ. And that's them singing and dancing as they go to spontaneous baptisms,” she wrote in the text of the students' video.

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A post shared by Jennie Allen (@jennieallen).

Along with the video clip, she stated, “God keep it up!! They confessed their sins. They came out in droves tonight to trust Jesus. We baptized hundreds in a well normally used for celebration and worse. And this is all just the beginning.” . It's literally everywhere I go right now. The revival is here. And there is no explanation for it – if it is God! #FSU #baptisms.”

According to the website Niche, where more than half a million reviews have been submitted by college and university students, FSU is reportedly the top “party school” in the state and the second-largest so-called “party school” in the United States

One user replied: “My daughter is here! She says it was incredible. They are hungry. And not just in an overwhelmed way at the moment.”

Another user wrote: “My daughter was one of the students baptized in the well after the conference that evening! Thank God!!!”

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One person asked what follow-up actions local churches were taking to help students grow in their new spiritual journey. Some users responded that the baptized students will be connected to local churches that will provide individual care for them.

A student also responded, “Hello! I was one of the students there last night! One thing I found BEAUTIFUL about Unite was the emphasis on FINDING A HOME IN THE CHURCH! They had tables outside with college groups from many local churches and encouraged everyone to fill out the information to get connected! We want these burning souls to be connected.

The impromptu baptisms were the result of a free worship event called “Unite FSU” held Thursday, Feb. 15, at the university’s Donald L. Tucker Civic Center. Jonathan “JP” Pokluda, senior pastor of Harris Creek Baptist Church in Waco, Texas, and Allen were the keynote speakers. Unite is a movement of college students joined together to exalt the name of Jesus, according to the organization's website.

Allen has released a new Bible study curriculum titled Untangle Your Feelings: Discover How God Made You Feel.

The author-moderated study will be conducted in six sessions with video streaming access. Allen “helps you discover that emotions, subjected to God and used for God’s intended purposes, connect us to one another and to Him. “You will learn to perceive, name and process your emotions in a healthy way,” the study website says. “God designed us to feel, examine, and share our emotions—not to manage or suppress them. We can learn what it means to live an emotionally healthy life by studying the life of Jesus and how he cared for and responded to those around him.”

Additionally, Allen's IF Gathering will celebrate its 10th anniversary with an event at Dickies Arena in Fort Worth, Texas on February 23rd and 24th.

As CBN News reported, she was also a keynote speaker at the JWLKRS (Jesus Walkers) conference, held September 29-30 in Orlando, Florida.

Thousands of young people gathered at the event at Calvary Orlando to worship Jesus, pray and strengthen their faith.

The meeting focused on helping Millennials and Generation Z understand how their “unique talents, characteristics and passions serve a vital purpose.”

Allen shared on Instagram at the time that she saw hundreds of people come to the altar after praying and inviting her into a relationship with Jesus.

She was also involved in Unite Auburn's Night of Worship event at Auburn University in Alabama, where approximately 200 students were spontaneously baptized earlier that month.

She acknowledged the prayers and support of local churches around Auburn for ushering in this move of the Lord at Auburn University.

“It was such a move from God,” Allen told CBN News. “I've witnessed moments like this in the past, especially with Generation Z, and I want to say this because I think something very special is happening in their hearts right now. I think they are, they are hungry for God and they want God in a very real way. It’s not artificial.”

She had the same thing to say about the Jesus Walkers Conference.

“I will say it again and again. They want God,” she wrote.

Throughout 2023, we at CBN News have also reported on other signs of revival, including several mass baptism events across the country that don't appear to be letting up:

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