Residents rescue newborn baby dumped in a drainage in Adamawa state

Residents rescue newborn baby thrown into a drainage in Adamawa state

Residents rescued an abandoned newborn baby in Yola city, Adamawa state.

It was learned that the girl was found dumped in a roadside sewer in the Kofar Bayi district of Yola in the early hours of Wednesday, December 6, 2023.

One of the residents, Shitu Abdulqadir Yola, said the case was reported to the nearest police station.

“I was sleeping a few hours ago in the morning, I heard screams and noises of people entering our family house in SHEHU STREET YOLA TOWN, then I heard my grandmother's voice saying SUBHANALLAH! What a cruel world we live in,” he wrote.

“It's a girl they found lying in a small drainage around our house. The child was collected and entered our house and was bathed by our grandmother”,

“I came out of my room and saw many people and crowds inside our complex. I advised them to keep the packaging the child was found inside and immediately report the problem to the nearby police station, which they eventually did.

“The photo below the post was of the fallen baby. This is how many people in our society become insensitive every day. If you can't nurture and hold the baby, why give birth to her?


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