Residents oppose Governor Kano's appointment of retired civil servant as head

Residents oppose Governor Kano's appointment of retired civil servant as head

Concerned Kano residents condemned the state government's action in appointing retired permanent secretary Abdullahi Musa as the new chief secretary.

Similarly, residents criticized the purported reinstatement of three other senior civil servants, Umar Muhammad Haro, Aminu Shuaib Rabbo and Adau Lawan, as permanent secretaries.

In a notice of petition, a copy of which was obtained by the Guardian by the plaintiffs' lawyers, Prime Alliance Law Firm, the concerned residents argued that the reinstatement of HoS and the three others violates the court's current ruling.

The petitioners say the state government's decision to reinstate four retired civil servants at the peak of their careers is a “deviation of civil service regulations and pension law and is in the utmost public interest.”

The petition addressed to Governor Abba Kabiru Yusuf states that through a consent decree handed down on December 13, 2022, an existing judgment of the National Industrial Court in Kano restricts returnees from entering public service. It reminded me of.

“The government's recent decision to reinstate some retired permanent secretaries into the national civil service is of the gravest concern, deepest disappointment and clear rejection of any abuse of ethical standards.

“It is incomprehensible that some of these permanent secretaries have given ongoing judgments which were filed by them in the National Industrial Court sitting in Kano and formally decided as consent decrees. The implication of the court's express declaration to adopt the terms agreed upon by the parties was that, among other remedies, the parties were permanently barred from holding public office.

“However, the move to reinstate them into active duty following a competent court decision is worrying for our clients. We believe that if this process is not immediately reversed, I believe this will lead to clear fraud, violation of clear sentencing conditions, and the promotion of illegality that is alien to national public servants.”

The plaintiffs believed that the reinstatement of the permanent secretary, who had begun to enjoy retirement benefits, would be contrary to the principles of justice and equity and would violate the rule of law, the civil service system and the pension system.

They called on Governor Yusuf to urgently reverse his decision to absolve his administration and Kano state in the name of political patronage.


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