Music money is like a ritual - Sharipopi

Popular singer, Clown Uzama aka Sharipopi has revealed that his colleague Rema inspired other artistes from Edo State to believe in their talent.

The “Calm Down” crooner was a ray of hope for them, he said.

The Benin-born singer spoke on a recent episode of the podcast Zero Conditions.

he said: “In a place called Benin, none of us can get our hopes up. We thought musical stardom was something only residents of Lagos and Abuja could get. We too wanted the spotlight. There was no hope that Beninese artistes could rise to stardom after Rema came to Japan and Di Prince signed a contract with Jonzing World. That was the time. There is hope. If Rema crosses over, we will also cross over.

“When Rema went to Lagos, we were watching him. We have been his fans since the beginning. He knows. We watched him post freestyle videos on social. I’ve been following him since he was a kid, releasing a trap EP and reaching new heights. He was the one who gave us hope that we could do it too.”


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