Real Housewives star Erin Lichy and husband sued for unpaid rent

Real Housewives star Erin Lichy and her husband sued over unpaid rent

'Real Housewives of New York City' star Erin Lichy and her husband, Abraham Lichy, have been sued by their landlord for owing five figures in unpaid rent, plus interest.

Court document revealed the couple owed $43,950 in unpaid rent for their Big Apple loft.

The landlord revealed that Erin and Abraham had rented their two-story apartment since July 2019, but failed to pay the agreed rent and other charges between October 2021 and July 2023, racking up a substantial balance.

Erin and Abraham's landlord claims their lease required them to pay monthly rent of $13,500; due on the first of each month for the period in question, but they often paid late, didn't pay late fees, bounced checks, and sometimes didn't even pay rent.

Now, the owner is going after the Lichys for $43,950 plus interest, plus $12,900 to cover the owner's legal fees in the case.

However, the couple claimed that the reason for the withholding of two months' rent was due to an agreed abatement due to persistent rodents, unsanitary problems and a non-working elevator that lasted for several months.

Erin and Abraham are surprised by the process, telling TMZ that their landlord wrote them an enthusiastic letter of recommendation when they moved in.


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