Prince Harry tells court he needs UK police protection arguing the ?impact? of a ?successful attack? on his life

Prince Harry tells court he needs UK police protection, arguing 'impact' of 'successful attack' on his life

Prince Harry has launched his battle for police protection in the UK, making arguments about why he should be provided with taxpayer-funded security.

The start of his three-day hearing in London began on Tuesday 5 December and although he was not present, his lawyer, Shaheed Fatima, argued against a decision made in February 2020 to remove him from funded police security by taxpayers when he visits Britain.

The decision, made by the Executive Committee for the Protection of Royals and Public Figures (RAVEC), came as he and his wife Meghan Markle stepped down as “working royals”.

“This case is about a person’s right to safety. There could not be a right of greater importance for any of us,” Fátima said in court, according to Vanity Fair.

Harry's lawyers told PEOPLE in a statement on Tuesday that RAVEC “should have considered the 'impact' that a successful attack on the complainant would have, bearing in mind his status, background and profile within the royal family – in which he was born and in which he was born. will have for the rest of your life. RAVEC should have considered, in particular, the impact on the UK’s reputation of a successful attack on the applicant.”

However, the UK Home Office states that protection for Harry and his family must be decided on a “case-by-case basis” as he is no longer a “working member of the Royal Family and would live abroad for most of his time.” time”. ”

Harry even offered to pay for his protection across the pond, but lost the legal bid in May.

Following this ruling, a judge granted permission for a full hearing which would review the Home Office's decision to withdraw security from the Sussexes.

The hearing is one of five High Court claims Harry is involved in, another of which includes his legal dispute with UK tabloids over alleged wiretapping allegations.


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