President Tinubu hints at reintroducing full autonomy to Nigeria's national team, grants national team a reprieve

President Tinubu hints at reintroducing full autonomy to Nigeria’s national team, grants national team a reprieve

The federal government is working towards reintroducing a policy of full autonomy for universities.

The President said the new policy direction would provide the federal government with a foundation for university autonomy to develop at a pace set by the Board of Regents and the Senate, without suffering from external bottlenecks or red tapism. He pointed out that it is based on belief.

Tinubu, who spoke through the Niger Delta Development Minister, Engineer Abubakar Momoh, made this disclosure at the 48th convocation ceremony of the University of Benin.

He expressed optimism that there is no doubt that university autonomy will transfer responsibility for performance directly to individual universities, rather than the current situation of uncertainty.

“The current government believes this is the right step in the right direction and will do everything possible to reposition the country’s higher education institutions, and indeed the education sector, to provide excellent service. intend to.

“The Government has not ignored the concerns arising from months of non-payment of salaries of all categories of university staff, particularly members of the teaching unions, in the aftermath of eight months of industrial action.

“You all have noted the fact that I recently announced that all university staff will be paid four months’ worth of salary to minimize the impact of non-payment for work not performed during that period. You probably know.

“This exemption is considered necessary and does not in any way override the government’s ‘no work, no pay’ policy.”

Tinubu said the Federal Government would continue to demonstrate its commitment towards improving the welfare conditions of the university by providing the necessary infrastructure such as lecture halls, student hostels, administrative offices and learning tools.

“Fortunately, these are now being consistently implemented through the Tertiary Education Trust Fund (TETFund). This attitude is expected to inspire staff and students to give their best.

“As a responsible government, we will continue to put concrete resources into education and develop sustainable policies that will outlive this administration.

“Our education policy makers and universities should strive to modify their policies to accommodate all segments of the youth population through specialized skills acquisition programs and internships.

“Our universities have multiple responsibilities to broaden our horizons through research and technological advancements, to impart relevant skills and to have a more entrepreneurial outlook.

“They must also perform the onerous task of reorienting a swarm of young people to the path of moral rectitude, love of country, and respect for organized authority.

“Indeed, we must return to the Nigeria that our founding fathers fought for and bequeathed to us. Our journey to industrialization, economic prosperity and self-reliance as a nation is one that we all This can only happen if we work together.

“It is only in unity that we can achieve greatness.The core of our gathering here today is to celebrate the University of Benin’s new bumper crop, represented by the birth of new graduates.

Momo expressed his gratitude to President Tinubu for his leadership of the university and commended the Chancellor, Professor Osiviligu, Mr. James Ortes Ayatse, and Vice-Chancellor, Professor Lilian Salami, for their role in guiding the university towards excellence. did.

The Minister praised the school as a remarkable milestone in education, congratulating the graduates from the principal, wishing them success in their future endeavours, and leaving the audience with a final message of unity and progress.


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