President Buhari boasts that I successfully dealt with insecurity, jobs and economy.

Former President Muhammadu Buhari has boasted of success in fighting insecurity, unemployment and securing investment.

Buhari said Nigerians can now see the difference in these areas compared to when he was president.

The former president said his success in combating the security situation had brought investment to Nigeria during his tenure.

He spoke in an interview with Nigerian Television NTA, which was published on its X page.

The former president claimed that his administration had curbed insecurity and boosted the economy compared to the one he took over.

When asked if he had achieved his goal, Buhari said: “We have not yet achieved it, but I want Nigerians to think about the Boko Haram situation and the economy before we came in.”

“So security, economy and the fight against corruption were the goals I set before the government I lead. I hope Nigerians will follow that and understand the difference.

“I know that the government I lead was lucky to get the governor of Borno state. He is a young and honest man. I was able to appoint a person in charge of the department.

“I achieved my goals in terms of security, economy and employment. Because of our success in insecurity, Nigerians have more confidence in their country, they invest more and people from outside come and invest. Now I can.”


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