Pramptor, Oinein case study on hit Netflix movies adopted by universities as learning resources.

Pramptor, Oinein case study on hit Netflix movies adopted by universities as learning resources.

The world continues to praise the Netflix original Black Book, which has topped the charts in 69 countries. Academics and industry experts have studied case studies published by Subomi Pramptor and Kola Oinein, which explored alternative investment models for funding media projects in Africa.

The Black Book Case Study, published by African SEC-chartered asset management firm Volition Cap and written by co-founders Subomi Plumptre and Kola Oyeneyin, explores the various options investors can use to finance media projects. We are testing our funding model. This material is currently being adopted as a resource for Intellectual Property Law students at the University of Afe Babalola, Literature and Film students at the American University in Ado-Ekiti, Nigeria, and several others are awaiting confirmation. ing.

According to the International Labor Organization, the creative economy has the potential to provide high growth opportunities in developing and emerging countries. This is underlined by the African film sector’s revenues accounting for his US$5 billion, employing up to 5 million people, and the demand for global content increasing significantly. However, the actual potential of this sector is over $20 billion in annual revenue, according to the data reported in the case study.

To ensure the health of the industry, as the boom in Africa’s technology industry over the past decade has increased demand for support services such as communications, legal, finance and the growing investment sector, the demand for African content has increased. Support from relevant professionals will also be required. It is growing at a pace that benefits both creators and the continent.

Drawing on limited educational resources and specialized material written by Africans who understand the idiosyncrasies and cultural nuances that influence investment decisions and choices, The Black Book’s case studies draw on the continent’s Filling a yawning knowledge gap in entertainment investment education. This resource provides a collection of well-sourced data and investment models that can be deployed to raise funds for creative projects in Africa. In particular, we focus on the Volition Entertainment Media & Art Investment Pool (VEMA I). The Volition Entertainment Media & Art Investment Pool (VEMA I) is a unique investment club-led and managed initiative. From Volition Cap on behalf of Vizient Coop.

Plumptre and Oinein’s efforts to not only combine alternative investment approaches to create wealth for Africans on the continent and diaspora, but also to document their progress, should be recognized. So far, the two have published three case studies and a report on him. The ‘Unlocking African Prosperity’ report published by Opportunik and Volition Cap is currently being used in the curriculum of his MBA classes at his London campus of Hult’s School of Business.


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