Polo Luxury invites Bovet collectors to exquisite dinner — Business — Guardian Nigeria News – News of Nigeria and the world

Polo Luxury invites Bovet collectors to exquisite dinner — Business — Headline News – News of Nigeria and the world

To celebrate the artistry and refined taste of watches, Polo Luxury, along with its long-time partner Bovet 1822, invited esteemed Bovet collectors to an exclusive dinner in Lagos.

Set against a backdrop of sophistication and luxury, the event unfolded as an enchanting evening that seamlessly blended the showcase of Bovet's latest masterpieces with culinary excellence.

The event was headlined by Audrey Laffey, Global Vice President of Bovet 1822, who flew in to grace the occasion.

Carefully selected for its status symbolism and luxury, the venue set the stage for a luxurious event where guests mingle in an atmosphere of understated charm.

John Obayuwana, Managing Director of Polo Limited, spoke about the heritage of the Polo brand and the unique bond that connects the brand to Bovet.

“Bovet 1822 stands in a class of its own, with over two centuries of timeless brilliance of art and engineering. This is evident in every item the brand has ever designed. We have been representing Bovet 1822 in West Africa for many years and are very excited to expand Rolex's presence in this country, while maintaining the highest standards of quality and service that are essential to both the brand and our own business. “I'm proud of it,” he said.

There was also a focus on the brightest stars of the night, with particular interest in the Bovet Amadeo Fleurier Virtuoso V Jumping Hour. This piece can be transformed from a wristwatch to a pocket watch or even a table clock.

From the intricately detailed guilloché dials to the artistry of hand-painted miniatures, each watch told a story of timeless elegance and precision. With innovation and consistency as its watchwords, Bovet continues to amaze the world of watchmaking with its decorative arts and savoir-faire, the quality of which earned it the Best Astronomical Watch award at the Grand Prix de Genève Horlogerie (GPHG) in 2023.

The sounds of laughter and the glow of Bovet's clock lingered as the night drew to a close. Bovet's Polo luxury soirée for collectors turned out to be more than just an event. It was a symphony of taste and sophistication, a celebration of the enduring appeal of timeless craftsmanship.

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