'Stop making police officers' wives widows', Arase condemns police killings in southeastern region

Police recruitment: Arase warns staff not to collect money from applicants and their families

Police Commission Chairman Solomon Arase has issued a stern warning to commission officials deployed for the recruitment of new constables against collecting money from applicants and their families.

Arase issued the warning at a pre-deployment briefing for physical and qualification testing personnel on Saturday ahead of a federation-wide exercise that begins on Monday.

This is according to a statement on Sunday by the commission’s spokesperson, Mr. Ikechukwu Ani.

According to Arase, this is not just a recruitment drive, but an attempt to uphold the sanctity of the commission's mission and demonstrate its capabilities.

Arase explained that collecting money from volunteers and their families violates the principles of integrity and fairness, stressing that employees are not just fulfilling their duties, but are shaping the future of the military. did.

The Chairman enjoined the staff to strictly adhere to the highest standards of professionalism and ethical conduct throughout the training period.

“We advise you to assume unprecedented challenges in this exercise. With over 400,000 applicants passing through your stations, each claiming to join the Nigeria Police Force, the pressure is immense. It will become a thing.

“Remember, you are the guardians of a process that is not only of essential importance but also paving the way for the next 30,000 recruitments approved by the current administration.

“Please accept this responsibility, knowing that your actions will reverberate beyond the limits of the present.As members of the Commission, you carry the weight of carrying our nation's aspirations for a just and secure future. “I have been entrusted with a certain task,” Arase warned.

Source: dailypost.ng

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