Kaduna: Police arrest eight people on suspicion of kidnapping and armed robbery

Police arrest suspect involved in the theft of 64 bags of soybeans in Niger

The Niger State Police Command has arrested Abu Abdulrahman (33), an armed robbery suspect from Mando area of ​​Kaduna state.

Abdulrahman was involved in the robbery of a vendor transporting 64 bags of soybeans from Kano to Lagos.

The arrest followed a report of criminal conspiracy and robbery lodged at the police station in Mokwa town, the headquarters of Mokwa Local Government Area of ​​Niger State.

The PPRO Police Command Public Relations Officer, DSP Wasiu Abiodun, announced the arrest at a press conference at the police headquarters in Minna, the state capital, while parading the suspects.

According to Abiodun, the suspect, along with his accomplice, targeted a truck with registration number KMC 613 ZR carrying about 700 bags of soybeans on its way from Kano to Lagos.

A mechanical problem occurred with the truck at Tunga Ruwa village via Mokwa, allowing the robbers to attack.

The attackers, armed with dangerous weapons and arriving in a J5 Peugeot car with registration number KJA 127 YC, immobilized the truck's crew and offloaded 64 bags of soybeans into the vehicle.

Mr Abiodun said the police intercepted the J5 vehicle near Lafiaji in Mokwa.

During the operation, Abu Abdulrahman was arrested, but his accomplices managed to escape.

In a statement during police interrogation, Abdulrahman mentioned the purchaser of the stolen soybeans in Kaduna, Adamu of Zaria, and two other accomplices who are currently on the run, adding that he did not commit others to the criminal activity. suggested that it was involved.

Police are conducting further investigation into the incident with a view to arresting the absconding suspect and bringing him to justice.

Source: dailypost.ng

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