Kaduna bombing was unintentional, accidental air strikes will never happen again - Chief of Defense Staff

Plateau massacre: CDS confirms arrests, vows to take back occupied communities

In the wake of the Christmas Eve massacre that claimed over 200 lives in two local government areas of Plateau State, the Chief of Defense Staff, Gen. Christopher Musa, has announced that the Nigerian military has made significant progress in arresting suspects in connection with the attacks. It was confirmed that significant progress had been made. .

Musa made the announcement in a television interview on Channels TV on Monday, assuring the public that efforts were ongoing to trace all those involved in the heinous act.

“We are following them and making some arrests,” General Musa declared.

The CDS also revealed that the military is working with state governments to identify areas occupied by terrorists across the country with the aim of reclaiming them.

He expressed his resolve to ensure that his community is free of bandits in the new year.

“We are working with the state government to identify these areas. This year, God willing, we will ensure that the communities are free of bandits,” he asserted.

Moussa said internally displaced persons camps could decline once communities recover and residents can safely return to their homes.

Responding to concerns about the military's response time, General Musa acknowledged the vastness of the affected area and clarified that “we cannot be everywhere.”

He said efforts are underway to reduce response times and prevent future incidents.

He pointed out that the lack of political will at all levels of government is a major obstacle in resolving the prevailing security insecurity in the country, adding that political decisions are essential to overcome the challenges. He emphasized that the military's effectiveness depends on strong support and direction from the political class.

“There are limits to what the military can do. It is a political decision, not a military decision about what to do,” General Musa concluded.

Source: dailypost.ng

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