'Our boat captain hit the last point of a fisherman's canoe crossing in front of us and our boat capsized'

Nollywood actor, TC Okafor, who survived the boat accident that claimed the lives of Jnr Pope and four others, has come out to speak on how the accident happened.

In an IG live recorded today, April 11, TC said that the late Jnr Pope was filming himself on the boat as they were heading to the film location when the boat captain became distracted and in his attempt to get into the video that Jnr Pope was recording, looked away and collided with a fisherman's boat. He said their boat capsized and the only saving grace for him was holding onto the boat's anchor rope. He said that while on the boat, only the Director and Director of Photography (DOP) were wearing life jackets.

''Since we started this work, I have always sat at the front of the boat because I saw where a boat capsized. I always like to hold the boat rope. They were making a video and I advised everyone to put their cell phones in their pockets. The DOP was wearing a life jacket and the director was wearing a life jacket. Only two of them were wearing life jackets.

Before we got on the boat, I took the Fanta I bought and put it on the boat. Junior Pope asked me what I was doing and I told him that I was watching 'water people' and that I don't like to pass by without sharing something. I just gave them Fanta. I don't want anything bad to happen to me. I don't like water. He said it's true.

While we were sailing, Junior Pope started making videos. The boat captain was wearing a headset. He was focusing his head to appear in the video that Junior Pope was making. I was in front. I saw some fishermen's boat and told him 'see canoe!'. He had no experience. The first thing that happened was that he hit the last end of the canoe and that was how the boat took a 'summer leap'. Because I was holding the rope that helps anchor a boat, that's what helped me and one other girl. That's it''

He said it was a boat parked around the river that came to rescue him and the other survivors.

Okafor said after the accident, movie producer, Adanma Luke, tried to arrest him claiming that the boat captain said he caused the accident by obstructing his view.

''I was the one who first reported the matter to the Navy police station. They told us why we filmmakers keep doing this. They said that they always told us to come and rent a jacket before going into the water, but because of our stinginess, we never even came to take them and some divers.''

Twelve people were on the ill-fated boat. Seven were rescued alive, two bodies were recovered and three bodies have not yet been recovered.

Watch videos of him speaking below

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