Osun judicial staff declare indefinite strike

The Judicial Officers Union of Nigeria (JUSUN), Osun branch yesterday declared its indefinite suspension after police stationed at the entrance of the High Court in Okefia area of ​​the state capital fired tear gas at protesting workers on Wednesday. declared a strike.

JUSUN Chairman Oluwagbemiga Eldire, who announced the strike, said there was a need to stop the mismanagement of the judiciary in the state.

Mr. Eldia said the Osun State Chief Justice (CJ), Justice Oyebola Adepele Ojo, had “declared war” on the workers and the union would not back down unless he answered the embattled CJ’s questions. he added.

He picketed the CJ’s office with the aim of clearing up unresolved issues such as the union’s illegal suspension of some members for more than 57 months without recourse to the Judiciary Commission (JSC). He said he was nervous.

“Following the actions of the police and the attitude of the presiding judge, I, Gbenga Eldire, order the workers in this sector to cease work until further notice,” Mr Eldire said.

Members of the judiciary on Monday protested the illegal suspension of three of their colleagues and the non-release of their colleagues by locking the entrance of the Osun State High Court in Osogbo where the CJ’s office is located. His wardrobe allowance from 2021 to date by CJ.

Workers continued their demonstration in a similar manner on Tuesday, storming the court grounds.

But the protests turned violent yesterday after Adepele-Ojo drove onto the court premises under tight security and entered his office.

Employees who witnessed CJ became enraged and attempted to enter the courthouse premises, apparently to remove her from her office.

However, her security force of police officers clashed with the workers when they tried to disperse them.

Police fired tear gas as workers and journalists fled.

Source: guardian.ng

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