Osan Budget 2024: Prioritizing citizen welfare and fiscal health — APM

The Osun State branch of the Allied People’s Movement, APM, called on the state government to prioritize the welfare of residents and ensure fiscal soundness in its fiscal management.

The state party chairman, Wale Adebayo, who disclosed this in a statement issued in Osogbo on Thursday, said the 2023 budget performance report had revealed concerns over fiscal management and resource allocation across the state. Ta.

Adebayo said some of the disputed amounts were funds spent on personal expenses in the governor’s office.

He said such large sums of money should have been used to address pressing issues such as poverty alleviation, health care, education and infrastructure development.

“The breakdown of the expenditure, particularly the N2 billion spent on snacks, meals and welfare packages for staff, raises serious questions about government accountability and transparency.

“It is unjust to spend such large sums on non-essential items while the people of our state continue to suffer from economic hardship and lack of basic amenities.”

He said the budget performance report raises concerns about fiscal management and resource allocation across the state.

“It is essential that the government explains the rationale behind this excessive spending and justifies the value gained from such significant investment.

“The people of this state have the right to support a government that prioritizes public welfare and demands fiscal health.”

Mr. Adebayo, however, condemned such futile efforts to ensure responsible government.

Source: dailypost.ng

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