OPANI takes bold steps demanding justice for Nigerians in #200 billion Omegapro scam

Omegapro Action Nigeria (OPANI) has commenced plans to file legal action against the Diamond Members of the Ponzi Scheme, OMEGA PRO. The legal cases are being led by prominent Nigerian lawyers Wole Iyamu (SAN), Yinka Oyeniji and Yemi Salman, seeking to hold these members accountable for their role in promoting Omegapro, which led to Nigerians investing over $200 billion, now lost.

Influential figures such as Daniel Onoja, Tomiwa Orunnipin, Samuel Ajibare and other MLM leaders played a significant role in creating an environment that allowed the scam to thrive. Although Omegapro’s owners have a history of Ponzi MLM schemes, these leaders endorsed the venture, attracting thousands of investors with promises of lucrative returns in Forex trading.

Key figures in the scheme include Daniel Onoja, Grace Udenwa Udoye, Tomiwa Orunupin, Wuraola Fadairo Orunupin, Olasebikan Oladapo, Maryann Ilorah, Chinwe Ikpe, Bamidele Ajibare Samuel, Ajibare Olushola Ebunoluwa, Dotun Fatoyinbo, Bonaventure Igboanugo, Dr. Ogummodede.

These leaders, with substantial commissions and weekly earnings exceeding $50,000, created an illusion of credibility, persuading thousands of people to invest in Omegapro. The company’s failure to deliver on its promises and subsequent loss of funds in 2022 exposed deceptive practices.

OPANI urged Diamond Members to refund the money to avoid legal action. However, many refused, choosing to retain their earnings and even promoting other Ponzi schemes. This resistance led OPANI to take legal action against the Diamond Members, founders and influencers of Omegapro, both in America and in the United Arab Emirates.

OPANI’s commitment to justice is reflected in its pursuit of legal actions across borders. The lawsuit against members, founders and influencers sends a strong message that victims of the Omegapro scam will not be left without recourse. The #200 billion lost by Nigerians is at the forefront of this bold initiative to hold those responsible accountable.

Source: www.lindaikejisblog.com

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