Only experienced educators should lead Nigeria's education sector - NUT Leader

Only experienced educators should lead Nigeria's education sector – NUT Leader

The National President of the Nigeria Union of Teachers (NUT), Comrade Titus Audu Amba, has demanded that only experienced educators should be appointed to head the country’s education sector.

Speaking to reporters in Kaduna on Thursday, Amba said the development of education in Nigeria was being undermined by the failure of government to put experienced educators in charge of the sector at all levels.

“Until we can get the right people in the right places in this country, we will continue to have problems and things will not work the way we want them to,” he said.

He lamented that the country has a long way to go in the education sector, adding that the sector needs proper attention from the government.

The NUT leader lamented that Nigerians do little to plan ahead and blamed the situation on lack of planning, adding that the situation is affecting all levels of education in the country. Stated.

He noted that teaching was the most marginalized profession in the country, saying the minimum wage of N30,000 introduced about five years ago was not being enjoyed by teachers in some states. .

However, he noted that the current administration in Kaduna State is listening to teachers.

“The battle that I fought in Kaduna State is over. Today, we have a governor who listens. He listens before making decisions and if you give him advice, he will listen to your advice. Will be open to advice.

“There was nothing like that in Kaduna. There was a terrorist who appeared to be a governor who would not forgive,” he added.


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