Ondo crisis: Ajuro welcomes Akeredolu’s transfer of power to Ayedatiwa

Ondo APC leaders accuse Ayedatiwa of printing fake cards for primaries

Leaders of the Ondo State branch of the All Progressives Congress (APC) have sounded the alarm over the alleged conspiracy of Governor Lucky Aiyedatiwa to print fake membership cards and slips ahead of the party’s April 20 primaries.

Leaders under the auspices of Ondo Vanguard for Good Governance say the move is aimed at manipulating the results of the primary election in the governor's favor.

Speaking in Akure, the state capital, the group's chairman, Tade Ojo, stressed that some non-APC members were recruited to vote in the primaries with the aim of rigging the secret election.

The leaders, however, appealed to President Bola Tinubu and the party leadership to ensure the integrity of the primaries and discourage any activities aimed at endangering the integrity of the elections.

He said: “It is important to emphasize that appropriate security agency leaders are on guard against this sinister act by the governor under the guise of popularity and fickle support.

“The second in the flight of the governor and his desperate partners, especially some senior appointees in the state government, is the creation of a fake membership register and the printing of fake membership slips for people who are not members of the APC. .

“On the one hand, it would be foolhardy to believe that the new fake documents created by these anarchists will successfully impress the national committee responsible for conducting the primaries.

“Ondo State is bigger than all of us, including Governor Aedatiwa. We are confident that if they cannot drink the milk, we are prepared to spill the milk.”

Reacting to the allegations, Lucky Aiyedatiwa Campaign Organization Infantry Squadron (LACO-FS) spokesperson Kayode Fasua dismissed the allegations as baseless.

He said, “The primary election is an internal matter of the APC and the party leadership is independent from the government. Before joining the party, all candidates, including the governor, were treated equally with respect to campaign activities and internal election processes. I will.

“Therefore, Governor Ayedatiwa and his supporters are far from this lie of printing fake membership cards that they claim are hidden behind the fingers of nervous applicants.

“Again, claims that the governor committed acts of terrorism and vandalized billboards are commonplace and unappealing to the public because police have never heard of such accusations. We've never arrested anyone, much less arrested anyone.”

“They should go get a drink of water and go to bed to rest their envious and frayed nerves. The hard-working Governor Ayedatiwa has overtaken them.”

Source: guardian.ng

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