More than 2.3 million residents in Edo benefit from the free bus system

Obaseki extends free bus service for 3 months

Edo State Governor Godwin Obaseki has approved the extension of the state government’s free bus scheme for another three months.

The free transport scheme, which is currently extended until July 2024, was introduced for the first two months in September 2023 to help cushion the impact on state residents of the federal government's removal of fuel subsidies.
Following the success of the first phase, which benefited over 1.5 million Edo people, the governor subsequently extended the mitigation program until February 2024 and thereafter until April 2024.

The free transport scheme covers all intra-city and inter-city routes operated by the state-owned Edo City Transport Service (ECTS), including Auchi-Igala-Ibijo-Ososo. Uzebba Ihin Otuo, Abudu Ubiaya, Abudu Urhonigbe, Ewohimi to Ewat.

The Managing Director of the Edo State Transport Authority (ESTA), Ms. Edougie Agbonlahor, in a statement said the extension is to further the government’s commitment to the welfare of the people of Edo, adding that the free bus scheme will be extended by 2024. He said it will be implemented until July 2020.

She said: “This decision is based on the results and feedback of the eight-month long program, and especially in the face of the recent economic challenges posed by Federal Government policies, to advance the government’s commitment to the welfare of the people of Edo. “Removal of fuel subsidies.” ”


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