OB Lulu Briggs Foundation celebrates senior citizens, distributes cash to nonagenarians | Guardian Nigeria News

OB Lulu Briggs Foundation celebrates senior citizens, distributes cash to nonagenarians | Headline News

OB Lulu Briggs Foundation held its annual New Year Party for the Elderly on January 1 in Abonnema, Rivers State, creating a fun atmosphere for the elderly in its care under its Care for Life Programme. We started 2024 with this.

The event included praise, worship and dancing, and seven septuagenarians were each awarded NOK 250,000 in cash, as well as their own portraits, certificates, gifts for others and plenty of food and drink.

Joyful seniors dressed in beautiful colorful costumes had the time of a lifetime at this event and affirmed the Foundation's commitment to holistic care for the elderly.

Rose Odeni Abi-Briggs, Assistant Coordinator of African Women Lawyers Association, Rivers State Chapter, presented 98-year-old Ma Basone Walter with a prize of N250,000 for nonagenarians at the foundation's annual Elders New Year Party. hand over

In her welcome address at the occasion, which was attended by partners such as the Federation of Women Lawyers, the African Women Lawyers Association and the Friends of the City of Old Port Harcourt, Dr. Seinye OB Lulu Briggs, Chairman of the OB Lulu Briggs Foundation, said: stated. We are excited to welcome our elders again this year.

She explained that the New Year's party is special because it reminds us of how the foundation was started 22 years ago with a focus on seniors.

“At that time, the elders in our communities were largely invisible, especially those who were no longer able to protect themselves and had no children or relatives who could do so. Abuse was frequently reported in the news. The OB Lulu Briggs Foundation began its operations 22 years ago by identifying and caring for such elderly people through its Care for Life Programme. did. ”

Dr. Lulu Briggs said the Care for Life program has since provided “over 600 elderly people in 12 local government areas of Rivers State with medical care, caregivers and monthly food supply/or lunch and dinner. We provide daily feeding programs and monthly hygiene,” he added. and essential household items, monthly cash benefits, shelter, clothing, and spiritual care. We also planned social events like today's New Year's party. We look after 87 elders in Abua, Akuku Tolu, Asari Tolu, Degema, Etche and Port Harcourt local government areas. ”

The foundation's president further added that apart from addressing the spiritual and material needs of the elderly, the New Year's party also aims to “instill a sense of camaraderie and belonging among the elderly in the community by honoring and celebrating them as often as possible.” It has proven its value in terms of “cultivating awareness.” we can. “

Dr. Lulu Briggs thanks God for sustaining the lives of the Elders and the Foundation's impactful work, and assures partners of the Foundation's efforts to improve the lives of many less fortunate. did.

“During this new year, we want to assure our partners that our sense of solidarity with our target group of underserved populations remains strong and we will “We will work even harder to further transform our community during the month,” she said.

The chairman further said that the purpose-built Biokpo Seniors Recreation Center, which opened in 2007 for lonely and isolated seniors to socialize, socialize and receive spiritual guidance, meals and medical care, has been renovated during the COVID-19 pandemic. It was announced that it was closed in 2019 due to has been resumed.

“After being forced to close due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Hekiura Recreation Center reopened in October 2023. Just as we had envisioned, it will be filled with praise, laughter, play, prayer, and more. It became a center of sacred communion,” she said. guarantee. The love and joy evident here today is an extension of the energy of the Center. And a reminder of God's goodness in our lives, why celebrating the New Year with praise and thanksgiving for the New Year and our respected Elders has become one of the Foundation's favorite events. Masu. ”

Dr. Lulu Briggs announced that the Foundation will be disbursing an annual gratuity of N250,000 to senior citizens in its care aged 90 years and above (reaching the age of 90).

She expressed her gratitude to all the staff, volunteers, partners and evangelists who support the Foundation in caring for the elderly, saying, “The overall goal of the Care for Life program is to help our elderly to ensure that they are well when they reach the end of their earthly lives.” “The truth is, there is a God in Zion, and by his saving grace my soul has been saved, and I am not afraid to meet him.”

Dr. Lulu Briggs prayed for the elders, “May you continue to walk in faith, guided by God's love and inspired by His Word.”

The cash prize winners of 250,000 naira were Ma Rhoda Briggs (104 years old), Pa Benjamin Yusuf (99 years old), and Ma Basone Walter (who received special applause for being the only centenarian). There were seven people: Mr. Ma Ibingibo Douglas (98 years old), and Mr. Ma Ibingibo Douglas (98 years old). . The others are Ma Settle Georgewill (96), Pa Alioma Romeo (95), and Pa Emmanuel Joe Briggs (92).

The OB Lulu Briggs Foundation cares for the health, economic and social well-being of vulnerable elderly people in Rivers State through its Care for Life program. It covers all their medical expenses, provides caregivers with their care, and gives them food, household items, and a monthly cash allowance.

Other programs of this bipartisan foundation include free medical missions, access to clean water and sanitation, education and scholarships, microcredit and entrepreneurship.

Source: guardian.ng

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