NYSC urges employers to prioritize the welfare of youth league members

The National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) has asked employers to consider the welfare of their posted members.

NYSC South-South Director General Baba Ladan made this request during the 2023 NYSC Corps Employers Workshop held in Delta on Thursday.

The title of the workshop was “Effective Utilization of the Potential of Service Members: The Role of Service Members.”

Ladan said addressing the welfare of the corps members would go a long way in improving the morale of the corps members and enabling them to function optimally.

“This theme was carefully chosen to also highlight our collective role in effectively leveraging the mission of service members during their primary and secondary missions.

“As key stakeholders in this program, employers are tasked with providing facilities essential to the well-being of their personnel and the smooth operation of the program.

“The NYSC Corps Employer Workshop creates an important forum where Corps employers and NYSC administrators can exchange ideas on how to improve Corps benefits and advance programs in various communities.

“Managers and promoters of this program will have first-hand information about the Corps’ employer-employee relationships, as well as information about the program’s performance, particularly the productivity of its members at various locations of major missions. “We can receive suggestions to improve our products,” he said.

Source: dailypost.ng

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