NRC fires staff involved in ticket fraud

NRC to increase trips and restore freight trains in 2024 | Headline News

The Nigeria Railway Corporation (NRC) has announced the restoration of passenger and freight trains with increased operations in various parts of the country. Managing Director Fidette Ohiria said: Warri-Itakpe, Abuja-Kaduna, 3 round trips, 6 round trips a day.

“Travel is expected to begin by the second quarter of 2024. There are currently four trips in progress. Two are up and two are down overall.”
“What limits us is the night service, which is not how trains are supposed to run. Trains are meant to run all the time. People may want to travel in the evening, but the security of the country Considering the situation, we are limiting it to daytime hours.

“We are going to restore passenger and freight trains from Port Harcourt to Aba, Lagos to Kano and Kaduna because of the dry port.” He said the NRC had experienced vandalism in the Warri-Itakpe area in 2023, but It said the issue was resolved two weeks later, ensuring that sabotage of the tracks would be difficult while the tracks were in use.

Mr Ohilia predicted that the price of the commodity would drop significantly once freight trains started running across the country. As indicated by the NRC chief, the company plans to begin offering passenger and freight train services between Port-Harcourt-Aba in the first quarter of 2024. , Lagos, Kano.

He said that in addition to Funtua and Kaduna dry ports showing interest in transporting cargo, Dara Dry Port has also requested the NRC to visit them and deliver the cargo.

To reduce journey times and increase tax revenue for the government, Okilia declared that the railways would cooperate with dry ports across the country.

He said the NRC had hired junior staff from levels 4 and 6 and was awaiting government approval to deploy them.

“We have hired younger staff to improve our operations,” he said. The NRC chief also encouraged Nigerians to take an interest in rail travel while commending the government’s efforts to connect railway lines across the country.


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