The Nigeria Premier Football League (NPFL) has advised clubs to curb unprofessional conduct by coaches and players during league matches.

This was revealed in a memo sent to each club by NPFL Chief Operating Officer Davidson Oumi.

Oumi said the memo was aimed at addressing inappropriate conduct that tarnishes the league and brings the game into disrepute.

He pointed out that coaches are being changed and players are simulated injuries in order to run out the clock and keep the game going, thereby denying fans their money and time. .

Oumi warned that NPFL regulations would be invoked to prevent individuals and groups from damaging public perception of the league.

“Soccer broadcasts require intentional packaging, from the arrival of the team to the locker room, field, bench, and the actual play,” the memo said.

“Let’s work with our broadcast partners to make the league attractive to home viewers and fans in stadiums.

“Football has been accepted as a big entertainment business, with people attending matches dressed inappropriately in ways that reflect poorly on the league as a whole, and this frequent disruption robs league matches of their entertainment spectacle. It does not encourage the fans who paid and spent time to watch the game.”


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