Population Commission warns staff of data manipulation

NPC launches 2023/2024 demographic and health survey in Niger

The National Population Commission (NPC) has launched the 2023/2024 Nigeria Demographic and Health Survey (NDHS) in Niger State.

The federal commission member from the state, Muhammad Dattijo Usman, held a press conference in Minna on Thursday to announce the commission’s launch.

The study aims to collect high-quality data on a wide range of key indicators to inform evidence-based planning and resource allocation, the statement said.

Usman said fertility rates, maternal and child health, contraceptive use, child mortality, gender-related issues, nutrition and HIV/AIDS awareness are among the key indicators covered in the survey.

The data collected supports maternal and child health and family planning needs and facilitates evidence-based decision-making.

The initiative aims to strengthen capacity for data collection, analysis, and utilization and promote national ownership of the process.

He said the data collected will help identify demographic and health-related basic social needs, develop equitable growth strategies, address social poverty and align with national development strategies.

He said the program is a collaborative effort involving multiple ministries, including the Federal Ministry of Health, the National Statistics Office and the Federal Ministry of Women.

The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) is providing financial and technical support to ensure the success of the study.

Source: dailypost.ng

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