Northern governors vow to advance Luvost regional strategy to fight terrorism

Northern government seeks FG support on agriculture and development | Headline News

Chairman of the Northern Governors Forum, Inuwa Yahaya, yesterday visited President Bola Tinubu in Abuja and called for stronger collaboration between the federal and state governments for the betterment of the lot of Nigerians.

The Gombe State helmsman praised the government’s steps towards ending the crisis in Kaduna and Plateau states. He said: “In fact, collaboration between the state and federal government, including local governments, is extremely important and fundamental to us, because if there is any disconnect, we will not be able to accomplish what we need to do for people. Because it may not be possible.”

“Towards the end of 2023, there were some initiatives related to things like implementing health care and business environment reforms. If the economy does not recover, we will continue to be in the current situation, or even worse.”

On the importance of agriculture to human development and food sufficiency, the governor emphasized the need for farmers to adopt modern technology to increase productivity.

He added, “In the current situation, people need to understand that we need to modernize. We need machinery, we need processing, and luckily Gombe has been approved as part of the Special Agro-Processing Zone. It is one of the states where

“We have established an industrial park where we can process all the raw materials and produce in our states. I think all states should come together and work with the federal government. We are the purpose of Nigeria. It will be easy to reach the ground.”

Mr. Yahaya also commented on the security challenges plaguing some parts of the country and visited Kaduna to obtain first-hand information on the attacks in Tudumbiri, Bockos and Barikin Ladi Local states of Kaduna State. He commended the President for directing Vice President Kassim Shettima to visit the state and Plateau state. Council of Plateau State.

He further added, “In my capacity as chainman of the Northern Governors Forum, I would like to acknowledge the steps the President has taken to get to the root of what happened in these two states and the appropriate actions he will take to prevent future incidents.” I applaud the President's pledge.” occurrence. We are grateful for the support given to victims and survivors. ” He said Gombe was ready to retain its designation as the Jewel of the Savannah.

In a related development, Niger State Governor Abdullahi Bago, who also met with the president, said farmers were ready to return to their farms for dry season farming despite the security situation in the territory. Ta. He said he came to the villa to inform the president about activities in the state.

Here are his words: “As you know, Niger is currently the leading nation in the President's food security efforts and there are some initiatives that we have initiated. We will be dry season farming a total of 250,000 hectares; We have already signed offtake agreements with several companies, and to keep him informed about what we are doing in agriculture.”

Regarding the progress of the agreement between the states and the federal government, he said: “If you listened carefully to the President's New Year's speech, you would see the emphasis on agriculture and the 500,000 hectares that the government plans to farm. And Niger is also a pilot country for that project. “We are ambitious to match the federal government's 500,000 hectares.”

Regarding the president's response to the agricultural initiative, Mr. Bago said: “The president was positive about this, very happy and satisfied with what we were doing, and gave us his blessings and encouragement.”


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