NNL calls for corporate sponsorship

NNL collects funds from partner organizations

The Nigeria National League (NNL) has appealed to partner organizations for funds to support the effective operation of the second division league.

NNL Chairman George Aluo noted that lack of funds is hindering the administration's progress.

“I must continue to express my gratitude to Mr. Alhaji Gusau for deeming me suitable to serve as NNL Chairman and NFF Director,” he said.

“My appeal is that corporate organizations should support us and do what GTI is doing for NPFL.

“We're not saying we should give them money that goes into our pockets. Let them be responsible for compensating the umpires and once this is done, the umpires won't be intimidated, but rather will be at their best.” “It will allow teams to win more on the road, as we are currently seeing in the NPFL.”

Source: dailypost.ng

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