NITDA launches ICT program for women to bridge technology gap between men and women

The National Information Technology Development Authority (NITDA) on Wednesday launched a training program for women founders to promote diversity and close the gender gap in technology.

The Nigeria Office for Digital Innovation (ONDI), an Abuja-based arm of NITDA, launched the program.

NITDA Executive Director Yoshifumi Inuwa said this at the program’s debut, calling it one of the initiatives to improve digital literacy and give women the skills they need to succeed in the technology industry.

She said the initiative’s goal is to empower and encourage women to leverage digital technology to create successful and scalable enterprises.

“This training program is dedicated to discovering and highlighting innovative and technology-based concepts, ideas and solutions created by Nigerian women.

“The goal is to close the gender gap in the technology industry and facilitate the creation of digital job opportunities for women,” he said.

Inuwa recalled that less than two weeks after the call for participants was announced, 7,151 applications were received from across the state.

She said this shows a strong curiosity that highlights the unrealized potential and enthusiasm that exists among Nigerian women in the technology sector.

He said the agency will support and encourage technology-based businesses started by women to eliminate the gender imbalance in the technology industry.


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