Nigerian Transgender, Jay Boogie Shows Off His Surgically Enhanced Butt (Video)

Nigerian transgender Daniel Anthony Nsikan, popularly known as Jay Boogie, has flaunted his surgically enhanced butt as he addressed reports that he scammed Nigerians while seeking donations with a fake medical diagnosis following his butt lift surgery.

Recall that Jay Boogie, 25, went out to seek help from Nigerians after complications from butt surgery. (read here) She also said that she had kidney problems and needed money to correct some procedures. However, days after Boogie asked for help, one of those who set up a GoFundMe account to raise funds for Jay's treatment claimed that donations would be returned because Jay was not providing information about his diagnosis. She added that they asked Jay to provide a report from the hospital, but she was acting suspiciously. However, Jay responded by stating that she had other health issues and that was what she needed money to treat. She then apologized to Nigerians who may have felt she had misled them.

Jay Boogie is now doing well and according to her, it cost N5 million to have the surgery.

On why she chose to be a woman rather than continue her birth gender of boy, Jay Boogie said she always knew about her feminine side “since birth” and when she was in 4th grade, she wore a bra to school .

When asked if she did anything to make her breasts bounce, she said it was just her “hormones” that made them prominent. She also did a 360 turn to show off her newly acquired ass.

Watch the video below…


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