Nigerian man shares photo of his reaction after his brother

Nigerian man shares photo of his reaction after his brother’s fiancée kept crying during their exchange of vows

A Nigerian man has gone viral after sharing a photo showing his facial expression as his brother’s fiancée bursts into tears at their wedding.

The man with the handle @Nsukka_okpa was asked to hold the microphone while his brother and his fiancée exchanged vows. The bride became emotional as she cried, forcing the officiating minister to go over the exchange of vows three times.

In a short video shared online, the Nigerian man looked a certain way as his bride burst into tears.

“Yesterday, while reciting her wedding vows, my brother’s wife became emotional and was unable to utter the words. And they had to repeat it three times and everyone thought it was romantic.

This was my face all along”

The video provoked reactions from Nigerians. Watch the video and see some reactions below


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