Nigerian army denies reports of water shortage in barracks

Nigerian army denies reports of water shortage in barracks

The Nigerian Army has denied media reports that families of soldiers at the 14th Brigade headquarters were unable to cook on New Year's Day due to lack of water in the barracks.

In a statement, the Acting Deputy Director-General of Army Public Relations, Lieutenant Omale Innocent Prince, said the issue of water grids in the barracks was challenging as several efforts had been made in the past to alleviate the situation. .

However, he said that since the appointment of the current brigade commander, proactive steps have been taken to address the problem of bad boreholes in the barracks.

He said that due to the diligent efforts of the current leadership, several bad wells were repaired and a relatively stable water supply to the barracks was ensured.

“Furthermore, the use of generator sets to support water pumping extended the duration of power supply, further improving living conditions for soldiers and their families.”

“These initiatives demonstrate the brigade's commitment to prioritizing the well-being of members and families within the barracks.

“The Brigade is working diligently to ensure that the living conditions at 14 Ohafia Brigade are convenient and comfortable for both soldiers and their families, including improving the availability of water and other social amenities within the barracks. Further efforts are currently underway to

“The Brigade recognizes the importance of addressing these challenges quickly and remains committed to the welfare of its members and their families, and current leadership continues to prioritize improving living conditions within the barracks,” the statement said. He added that he would.”

“We would like to thank everyone for their understanding and support as we strive to improve the standard of living for the 14th Ohafia Brigade.”


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