NAF plane for sale
NAF plane for sale

Nigerian Air Force (NAF) Puts Presidential Jet Up For Sale Calls For Bidders

Late on Monday, a flyer was shared on the official social media page of the Nigerian Air Force (NAF) containing information about the sale of the presidential jet.

The flyer stated that the Falcon 900B aircraft, owned by the NAF, has been approved for sale by the Federal Government of Nigeria.

In accordance with the public procurement Act 2007, the NAF is inviting all interested parties to submit bids for the purchase of the aircraft.

Bids can be submitted either by email or physically. If submitted by email, the bids must be password protected and sent to [email protected], while the password should be sent separately to dproc2@

For physical submission, the quotations should be enclosed in a sealed envelope, bearing the name and address of the interested company/entity, as well as the description and reference to the request. The envelope should also include the statement, ‘DO NOT OPEN BEFORE 24 DECEMBER 2023’. It is important to note that the bids will be processed immediately after the submission deadline expires.

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