Nigeria ranked 144th out of 163 countries in 2023 safest countries ranking

Nigeria ranked 144th out of 163 countries in 2023 safest countries ranking

Nigeria finished 144th in the 2023 ranking of the safest countries in the world. The annual World Peace Index ranks 163 independent states and territories according to their level of peace.

In the latest report, Nigeria took a step back from the 143rd place it recorded in 2022, but moved up two notches from the 146th place it recorded in 2021. Several African countries are judged to be more peaceful than Nigeria. Mauritius finished 23rd in the world. Sierra Leone 47th place. Ghana ranked 51st. Senegal ranks 52nd. Madagascar ranked 55th. Namibia ranked 56th. Gambia 59th place. Zambia 63rd place. Liberia ranks 70th. Malawi 74th place. Tunisia ranks 81st and Equatorial Guinea ranks 82nd.

The other countries ranked 84th are Angola and Morocco. Guinea-Bissau ranked 87th. Rwanda ranked 88th. Ivory Coast ranked 90th. Tanzania ranked 91st. Gabon 93rd place. Algeria ranks 96th. Togo 103rd place. Eswatini 109th place. Benin 110th place. Lesotho 111th place. Djibouti 112th place. Republic of Congo 113th place. Mauritania 114th place. Kenya 117th place. Mozambique 118th place. Egypt 121st place. Zimbabwe and Uganda are ranked 124th. Guinea 127th place. Burundi 128th place. South Africa 130th place. Eritrea ranked 133rd. Libya 137th place. Niger 138th place. Cameroon ranks 139th and Chad ranks 142nd.

The survey, called the World Peace Index, produced by the Institute for Economics and Peace, covers 99.7 percent of the population and measures “societal safety and security, internal and external conflicts, and the extent of militarization.”

Overall, the report concludes that Iceland is the safest country overall, although its publication predates the current volcanic activity, followed by Denmark (2nd place) and Ireland (3rd place). and New Zealand (4th place).

The United States is once again ranked 131st, behind South Africa (130th) and Haiti (129th).
Afghanistan (163rd) is considered the least peaceful country in the world for the eighth year in a row, followed by Yemen (162nd), Syria (161st), South Sudan (160th) and the Democratic Republic of Congo (159th).

The authors of the report stated: “The war in Ukraine has had a significant impact on world peace, with Ukraine and Russia each having the greatest deterioration in peace, with Russia in fifth place. Haiti, Mali and Israel were the other countries with the greatest deterioration. (note that this study was also conducted prior to the current Israeli conflict).

According to the study, Europe is the most peaceful region in the world, home to seven of the 10 most peaceful countries. Her other three most peaceful countries are in the Asia-Pacific region. The Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region remains the world’s least peaceful region, the report concludes. Four of the ten least peaceful countries are here.

“There are only two countries in the North American region, Canada (11th), whose peacefulness increased by 2.9%, while the United States saw a slight decrease in peacefulness, worsening its overall score by 0.38%. There is a huge gap in terms of peace.”

The report reveals that one reason for this is the feeling of safety in Canada, stating that “less than 20 per cent of Canadians report that they do not feel safe walking alone in their city or neighborhood at night. “I am doing so.”

One of the reasons for America’s low ranking is its murder rate, which the report states: “The United States has recorded the fourth-largest overall increase in homicide rates, with the homicide rate now exceeding 6 per 100,000 people, more than six times the rate of most Western European countries.”


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