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Nigeria Police Force has no service system – IGP Egbetokun reveals

The IGP Inspector-General of Police, Mr. Kayode Egbetokun, has revealed that the Nigeria Police Force, NPF, does not have a service system.

Egbetokun made this disclosure on Friday to police officers at the Kwara State Command.

The Inspector General was reacting to insinuations that those who joined the police force as constables would not be promoted to senior police ranks.

Egbetokun disclosed that as the IGP, he is in the process of developing a service plan for the NPF since it was established many years ago.

He said officers currently do not know when their next promotion will be due to unwritten procedures.

he said: “Someone mentioned the rumor that if you join the police force as a constable, you won’t be able to get a job higher than inspector. Let me explain this. There is no service system in the current police force. When I became chief. , one of the things I want from the police is to have a service system.

“The work plan is the document in which promotions for all officers are specified. When you join the police force, you know how you will progress. You will know when you will be promoted. I understand.

“If something like “Even if you join the military as a constable, you won’t become a police inspector,” I don’t support that starting with current police officers. This means that incoming new constables, when they join the police force as constables, already know that they will end up at the rank of inspector.

“It would be unfair for those who are already in the system to say they would be stagnant in the inspector general position. So that won’t happen.”

Source: dailypost.ng

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