Niger Delta leaders call for review of PAP budget

Niger Delta leaders call for review of PAP budget

Mr. Reuben Wilson, a Niger Delta leader and freedom fighter in the region, has advocated for a review of the budget of the Presidential Amnesty Program (PAP).

Wilson said the agency's budget must be revised upwards in order for new leadership to be successful, given current economic realities.

He said that since 2009, when PAP was established, it has been operating under the same budget for the welfare and training of beneficiaries.

Mr Wilson said in a statement on Friday that without adequate funding from the federal government, it will be difficult for the PAP to succeed under Dr Dennis Otuaro.

The former agitator expressed gratitude to President Bola Tinubu for appointing Mr Otuaro as administrator of the program and ensuring that it would have greater impact under him.

“This appeal is premised on the fact that the Presidential Amnesty Program's annual budget for beneficiary training and benefits has remained the same from the program's inception in 2009 to the present, regardless of the current maximum amount,” he said. “There is,” he said. Living expenses and beneficiary training.

“The upward review of the presidential amnesty program’s annual budget is long overdue and seriously hampers the proper and effective implementation of the program’s objectives. We need to urgently review this situation now.”

He said he was very excited that Dennis Bulutu Otuaro is now in charge of the program, adding: Niger Delta struggle.

“Therefore, I am asking the President to revise the program's annual budget upward, align it with current realities, and allow the new administrator to effectively reposition the program to deliver better results. I appeal to you.”

South-South Coordinator of Asiwaju Group explained: “Otuaro has been involved in the struggle for the survival of the people of the Niger Delta since its inception and therefore knows what to do to revitalize and reposition the Presidential Amnesty Program” with appropriate financial resources. He is well prepared and has the necessary experience and knowledge to successfully lead the affairs of the Presidential Pardons Office to a higher level. ”

He expressed his belief that the pardon chief “will successfully redeem and reorient the Pardon Office to achieve its primary and fundamental objectives.” He played an important role in the activities that led to the establishment of the program, and he was not going to allow it to continue to be derailed and mistreated under his watch.

“Therefore, there is an urgent need to revise the program's annual budget upward to enable him to carry out his duties efficiently and effectively. Adequately funding the program will be the responsibility of the new administrator. This is the support we need to ensure we are empowered to do better.”


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