Niger and Gombe state governors meet with Mr. Tinubu on food security and cooperation

Niger and Gombe state governors meet with Mr. Tinubu on food security and cooperation

Niger State Governor Mohammed Bago and Gombe State Governor Inuwa Yahaya on Thursday held separate talks with President Bola Ahmed Tinubu to explore avenues of cooperation with the Federal Government to strengthen food security in the country. .

President Tinubu speaks of the need to invest in agriculture in his New Year address, with government plans to cultivate 500,000 hectares of farmland across the country for maize, rice, wheat, millet and other staple crops. I want you to remember what you did.

Governor Bago said after meeting with President Tinubu that Niger State has set aside half of the targeted hectares of land for dry season agriculture.

In previous weeks, the state had signed agreements with various private and government agencies, including the National Science and Engineering Infrastructure Authority (NASENI) and Tata group of companies, to expand agricultural production.

Governor Bago said there are ongoing efforts in the province, saying, “We are trying to carry out dry season farming on a total of 250,000 hectares and have already signed offtake agreements with some companies.”

He noted the progress made in the agricultural sector and expressed optimism that partnership with the federal government will yield positive results in strengthening food security.

Despite the challenges posed by safety concerns in communities where agricultural activities primarily take place, Governor Bago asserted that farmers are returning to their farms.

Meanwhile, Governor Yahaya of Gombe State, after meeting with President Tinubu, presented a comprehensive scorecard of his administration for the period 2019-2023.

“This is a complete list of what we have done from my first term of office, 2019 to 2023, relating to the manifesto and development plan we have done for Gombe State to 2030. Covers all areas.

“We have evaluated ourselves, seen what we have done and photographed evidence of our actions that we have participated in some issues in all areas. “I said it's a good document to show the president what we're actually doing and how far we're prepared to go in terms of performance,” he said.

He updated the President on technical issues and stressed the need to address them after the 2024 budget is passed.

Yahaya spoke about the collaboration between Gombe State and the Federal Government, highlighting the commitment to healthcare and the creation of an enabling environment for business.

He emphasized the importance of economic cooperation for progress and expressed readiness to work closely with the federal government to achieve development goals.

Governor Inuwa also shared that Gombe State is participating in the Federal Government's food security initiative and stated the need for a comprehensive approach.

“We're ready, but it doesn't end with making plans and leaving. We have to follow through from start to finish, but like now, people don't want us to be modern.” We need to understand that we need to become

“We need machine tools and we need processing. Fortunately, Gombe State is one of the states that has been approved as part of the Special Agro-Processing Zone and we have established an industrial park where all the agricultural products in the state can be processed. did.

“I think if all states come together and work with the FG, we can easily reach our destination,” he concluded.


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