Nigel Lythgoe steps down from 'So You Think You Can Dance' role after Paula Abdul lawsuit

TV executive Nigel Lythgoe will not be part of this year's edition of “So You Think You Can Dance” as he resigned from his role following allegations of sexual assault leveled against him by singer Paula Abdul.

Announcing that he has left his role on the TV show, Nigel said in a statement;

“I informed the producers of 'So You Think You Can Dance' of my decision to withdraw from this year's series. I did so with a heavy heart, but completely voluntarily, because this great show has always been about dance and dancers, and That's where your focus needs to remain.

“In the meantime, I am dedicating myself to clearing my name and restoring my reputation.”

Abdul filed a lawsuit against Nigel last week, alleging that she had been sexually assaulted by him on at least two occasions, when she was a judge on “American Idol” and again while working on 'SYTYCD.'

During the 'Idol' incident, she said Nigel grabbed her breasts and genitals while trying to kiss her in the elevator. Paula claimed that Nigel also tried to force himself on her during “SYTYCD”.

In turn, Nigel denied Paula's allegations, calling them “false and deeply offensive”.


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