New York mayor Eric Adams accused of s3xually ass@ulting woman in 1993

New York Mayor Eric Adams accused of sexually assaulting a woman in 1993

New York Mayor Eric Adams has been accused of sexual assault in a legal action filed on the night of Wednesday, November 22, in a New York court, it has been revealed.

The plaintiff in the case, a woman whose name is being withheld due to the nature of the complaint, filed a subpoena Wednesday night in state Supreme Court in Manhattan under the Adult Survivors Act, which names the mayor as a defendant.

The lawsuit also names the NYPD Transit Bureau and the NYPD Guardians Association as defendants.

“Plaintiff was sexually assaulted by defendant Eric Adams in New York, New York in 1993 while they were both employed by the City of New York,” the subpoena alleges.

In New York civil court, a defendant may file a summons with notice to initiate legal action followed by a complete complaint setting forth the claims.

The subpoena filed on Wednesday is just three pages long and does not reveal any details about the alleged assault.

The Adult Survivors Act took effect in New York in November 2022 and opened a one-year window for sexual abuse accusers to file lawsuits in state and federal courts on claims that would have been barred by the statute of limitations. That window expires on Friday.

The legal case comes after FBI agents quietly seized Adams’ phones and an iPad earlier this month as part of an investigation into political fundraising during his 2021 campaign.

The seizures occurred as Adams was leaving a public event in Manhattan, according to a statement from the mayor’s attorney, Boyd Johnson.

After the FBI seized his phones and iPad last week, Adams, a first-term Democrat, said he was cooperating with what he called an FBI “review.”


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