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NCoS debunks reports that prisoners were given N200 a day — Nigeria — Headline News – News of Nigeria and the world

The management of the Nigeria Correctional Service (NCoS) has dismissed reports in some media outlets that inmates at the correctional facility are given N200 a day against the daily budget of N750.

The agency said the report was false and misleading and urged the public to discount it.

According to a statement published in the Guardian by Umaru Abubakar, the Department's Public Relations Officer (PRO), “Nigerian prisoners are given N200 daily instead of the N750 approved by the Nigerian government.'' Some media outlets have spread misleading reports claiming that there are.” The Federal Government has drawn the attention of the Nigeria Correctional Service. ”

“This report is false, misleading and of all consequences. For the avoidance of doubt, the public should be advised that the Meal Allowance for Prisoners in Nigeria is in the public domain and that the seller is not responsible for the supply. It is good to keep in mind that you will be paid the amount approved at the time.”

“Food supply contracts are usually public and clearly set out the terms and conditions applicable to interested vendors under the Public Procurement Act 2007.

In addition, all detention centers have a distribution committee, which is responsible for overseeing the quality assurance of inmate supply, preparation, and distribution, ensuring that inmates are fed within the approved budget. There is,” he added.

The statement noted that over the years the authorities have demonstrated a commitment to improving the welfare of prisoners, not only in terms of empowerment through effective rehabilitation and reintegration programs, but also in terms of diet.

“While the department is working hard to appeal to the federal government for an upward review of feeding allowances to reflect current economic realities, it is unfair and unpatriotic to fabricate stories just to smear the department.” That's probably the point.
“The public despises false reports and the irrevocable commitment of Corrections Governor Khalil Nababa FICMC MFR to work in the general interest of those in custody, even if there is genuine support for well-meaning Nigerians.” He concludes by saying, “I am advised to be sure of this.''He will continue to be highly regarded.''


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