Navy hands over bags of seized cannabis to NDLEA in Badagry

Navy hands over bags of seized cannabis to NDLEA in Badagry

The Forward Operating Base (FOB) of the Nigerian Navy in Badagry, Lagos State, on Friday handed over nine and a half bags of seized Cannabis Sativa worth N15.2 million to the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) in Badagry.

Base Intelligence Officer Lieutenant Empire Okolie, representing the FOB Commander, Captain Aiuyor Adams Aliu, said operatives on Thursday seized cannabis at Moba community in Badagry.

He said the Navy took action following a tip-off regarding suspected smuggling activities within the area of ​​operations.

“Intelligence officials have indicated that a boat was seen unloading items suspected to be cannabis in the Moba riverside community of Badagry.

“As a result, the base emergency response team, led by base operations officer Lt. Col. Kelly Umolu and myself, proceeded to the crime scene for investigation and possible arrest.

“The team conducted a cordon search operation and recovered nine and a half bags of cannabis with a total value of NOK 15.2 million.

“Adjacent communities were also searched, but no other items or suspects were found,” he said.

He said investigations were underway in coordination with other security agencies with the aim of arresting and prosecuting the drug trafficking syndicate.

He said the Chief of Naval Staff, Vice Admiral Emmanuel Ogala, was committed to building a naval force capable of defending Nigeria’s maritime space.

“Similarly, Western Naval Command Commander Rear Admiral Mustafa Hassan launched Operation Waterguard on November 9.

“This operation aims to deny the freedom of movement of smugglers and other criminal elements within the general area of ​​Badagry in order to ensure the security and economic stability of the region.

“All these efforts are therefore aimed at complying with the CNS Strategic Directive 2023-6 to ensure a safe marine environment in Nigeria and the Gulf of Guinea,” he added.

Mr. Adams Aliu said the handing over of the seized cannabis was in line with the 2016 FOB Harmonized Standard Operating Procedures for Arrest, Detention and Prosecution.

Deputy Narcotics Commandant Ogomegbunem Nwadui, who received the bags, on behalf of the NDLEA Seme Special Command Area Commander, Mr Owen Denise, promised to launch an investigation to unravel who is behind the seized items.


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