NAF airstrikes Mandara Mountains, eliminates terrorist kingpin Abu Assad and others

NAF airstrikes Mandara Mountains, eliminates terrorist kingpin Abu Assad and others

In perhaps one of the most successful attacks carried out by the aviation component of Operation Hadin Kai, Nigerian Air Force (NAF) aircraft conducted airstrikes against terrorist groups in isolated locations on November 24, 2023. carried out. It consists of three galvanized structures surrounded by several trees in the Mandala Mountains.

Air Force spokesman Air Brigadier General Edward Gabukwet said the footage showed the terrorists had gathered at the location for a well-planned meeting or to prepare for a major attack. .

“More than 100 heavily armed terrorists were observed joking and moving around randomly around a building with four personnel carriers. In the aftermath of the airstrike, one of the three structures It became clear that two and the entire troop carrier were destroyed.

“Among the several terrorists eliminated in the airstrikes were Abu Assad, a key figure in the Boko Haram-affiliated Ali Ngurde group, as well as others including Ibrahim Naqib, Mujahid Dimutu and Mustafa Munjiru. There are also indications that some terrorists and militants were also included.

Gabkwet said the Chief of Air Staff, Air Chief Marshal Hassan Abubakar, commended the Air Force commanders and their subordinates and urged them to continue synergy with ground forces to maintain the momentum to keep terrorists in check. .

According to him, “We will continue to support the federal government and the public by ensuring that we do everything in our power to prevent terrorists and criminals from living with us until they surrender or are completely eliminated.” We must continue to justify the trust and confidence that has been given to us.”


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