NAF airstrikes kill key Boko Haram figures in Borno

NAF airstrikes eliminate terrorists and destroy weapons in Borno

The Nigerian Air Force, NAF, has said that efforts by its air and ground forces of Operation Hadin Kai to wipe out the remnants of terrorists from the North-East continue to record a series of successes.

NAF’s Director of Public Affairs and Information, Edward Gabukwet, disclosed this in a statement in Abuja on Sunday.

Gabkwet said one such successful operation occurred in Paris on January 5 after terrorists were observed moving items suspected to be weapons and ammunition into the area for several days. Ta.

He said Paris, near Sambisa Forest, was once an abandoned terrorist enclave after the country's military cleared the area of ​​terrorist activity.

He added that instructions were given to attack the location as the concentration of terrorists there had raised doubts about their intentions and plans.

Gabkwet noted that the attack resulted in huge fireballs coming from two adjacent locations in the neighborhood, and some of the surviving terrorists were observed running for safety.

“Feedback also revealed that 12 terrorists were neutralized in the attack and logistics were destroyed, thereby reducing our ability to attack soft targets and our own forces.

“On January 6, a similar strike was carried out approximately 1.5 km southwest of Tunbun Agiri, within the Tunbun tribe in the Lake Chad region.

“Intelligence gathered over time revealed that armed terrorists were continuously congregating on light vehicles and motorcycles, hence the authorization for the attack on the location.

“Precision attacks on the scene destroyed vehicles and motorcycles and eliminated several terrorists,” he said.


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