NACCIMA mandates Delta government on infrastructure

NACCIMA mandates Delta government on infrastructure

The Nigeria Chamber of Commerce, Mines and Agriculture Association (NACCIMA) has called on the Delta State government to revive the state trade fair complex in Osubi.

The group stressed the importance of a functional trade fair center and called on the state government to partner with the Delta Chamber of Commerce, Mines and Agriculture Association (DACCIMA) in the development of the existing trade fair center and an exhibition center in Asaba, the state capital. .

The National President of the association, Mr Otunba Dele Oye, delivered the address during the fourth quarter council meeting of NACCIMA held in Asaba.

The meeting was hosted by Asaba Chamber of Commerce, Mines and Agriculture (ASACCIMA).

Mr. Oye said ASACCIMA, which was established in 1983, is a tower of strength and a responsible member of NACCIMA.

He said the national organization jumped at the opportunity to be hosted by ASACCIMA in Asaba.

He said NACCIMA has over 70 city and state chambers of commerce, 439 corporate members, 13 bilateral chambers of commerce and 14 professional business associations.

Dr. Anthony Idigbe, Senior Advocate of Nigeria (SAN) and Chairman of ASACCIMA and DACCIMA, has urged the Delta government to set up an arbitration panel for speedy resolution of commercial disputes.

SAN also called for a review of the multiple taxation burden placed on companies.

He said multiple taxation would have a negative impact on the ease of doing business in the state.

Idigbe, who is also the NACCIMA National Legal Adviser, noted that Asaba and its surrounding areas have historically played an important role in the political and commercial life of the country.

He called on states to partner with ASACCIMA in the implementation of proposed projects that would help address challenges such as youth unemployment, insecurity and electricity shortages.

He believes that the inclusion of ASACCIMA and DACCIMA members in the state’s business delegation will enable businessmen and businesswomen to interact with their foreign peers and boost the sub-regional economy.

According to Idigbe, an integral part of the private sector is the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, which has worked with successive governments to promote development through Private Organizations (OPS) initiatives and will do more. They say they are ready.

SAN called on the government to develop the Osumi trade fair complex to international standards and support efforts to develop a similar facility in Asaba.

He called for support in establishing an arbitration panel to quickly resolve business disputes by donating land and buildings managed by ASACCIMA.

Idigbe commended the state government for creating an enabling environment for businesses to grow, especially through infrastructure development.

He said: “I would like to commend the state government for creating an enabling environment for business to grow.Successive governments have done a lot to promote commerce in the state.

“Massive infrastructure developments have taken place, including the Asaba International Airport, the ultra-modern Ogbogonogo Market and the Mechanics Village.”

Delta Trade and Investment Commissioner Samuel Origida, who is represented by Felix Oseji, said private developers have expressed interest in renovating the Osubi trade fair complex, adding that the handover will take place soon.

He urged OPS to invest in Delta State, adding that the state is safe and investor-friendly.

He described Asaba as the fastest growing state capital in Nigeria.

The two-day event began with the Golf Kitty and Welcome Dinner at Chief Idigbe’s residence in Asaba last Sunday, followed by the Youth Empowerment Summit, EXCO Conference and Welcome Dinner last Monday.

Last Tuesday saw the visit of Delta State Governor, Sheriff Obolewori and Asagba of Asaba, His Majesty the King, Professor Chike Edosian, as well as the NACCIMA Council meeting and closing dinner.


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