Music money is like a ritual - Sharipopi

Popular Nigerian musician Sharipopi aka Clown Uzama has opened up about his vast wealth in the music industry.

The music star said in an interview with Pop Central TV that the wealth in the industry is incomprehensible.

Comparing the money he earns through music to the money he earns from rituals, he said that even if he stops playing music, he will continue to earn money from the songs he has already released.

“There’s so much money in music that I don’t understand it at all. Music money is like a ritual.

“Even if you’re an artist who’s only been out for a month, if your songs are great, there’s no need to worry.

“So for me right now, I don’t balance anything because I know music never stops. Even if I stop singing, the songs I drop will continue to bring me money.” Masu.”

Charipopi rose to fame after releasing her first single titled “Elon Musk.”


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