Musa appeals for government support for retired players

Musa appeals for government support for retired players

Super Eagles captain Ahmed Musa has called on the federal government to investigate the plight of former players, saying some of them are living in extreme poverty.

Moussa said only a few retired players made a lot of money during their playing days, adding that during their playing days they lived larger-than-life lives thanks to the glamor attached to the game.

Speaking at the launch of the “Let’s Do It Again” campaign in Lagos to rally support for the national team’s dream of winning a fourth African Cup of Nations title in Ivory Coast next year, Mr. Musa, Minister of Sports, He told Senator John Owan: Enou, who was also at the event, said: “We need you to do something to take care of the old players.” Football players make a huge amount of money and they waste it. You hear people complaining all the time. It’s not true.

“We current players have learned from past generations because once football is over, no one seems to care about you anymore. Some players dedicate their youth to their country and hope that their country will appreciate their sacrifice after they retire.

“Many retired players suffer from illnesses related to the way they treated their bodies during their playing days. Many now can’t walk properly, but we love them and want to die on the pitch. The same country that encouraged them has abandoned them. It’s not fair.”

The ‘Let’s Do It Again’ campaign, launched in Lagos last week, aims to galvanize support for the Super Eagles ahead of the 2024 Ivory Coast Africa Cup of Nations.

At a presentation held at the Alliance Français premises in Ikoyi, organizers urged Nigerians to desist from negative attitudes towards senior national team players, saying they had their compatriots behind them. He said that only by knowing this will he be able to play well.

Musa said he intends to tell his team-mates of another successful African Cup of Nations campaign and show that Nigeria still cares about them.

“We need encouragement from the ‘Let’s do it again’ campaign. We remember what happened in 2013 when we won the trophy. There was no path we could take. I want to experience celebrations like this again,” he said.


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