Mr Tinubu urged Mr Gbajabiamila to warn Mr Gbajabiamila about the move to install Mr Laguda as Surulere representative.

Mr Tinubu urged Mr Gbajabiamila to warn Mr Gbajabiamila about the move to install Mr Laguda as Surulere representative.

Ahead of the February 3 House of Representatives by-election for the Surulere 1 Federal Constituency seat, President Bola Tinubu has told his chief of staff, Femi Gbajabiamila, to avoid attempts to impose his preferred choices. It has been demanded. Faoud Laguda on the All Progressives Congress (APC).

The Surulere Progressive Group (P4S) has warned that the party risks losing seats to the opposition if Mr Gbajabiamila is allowed to have his way in party primaries scheduled for the weekend.

In a statement signed by General Secretary Akin Jones Oladimeji, P4S also raised eyebrows at House of Representatives Speaker Tajudeen Abbas for allegedly colluding with Gbajabiamila to force a candidate on the party.

Groups supporting either Kabir Caesar Lawal or Abdul Raheem's candidacy advocate a level playing field for candidates competing for seats.This development by President Tinubu is not only against the APC but also against its ideals. He argued that it was the opposite. .

P4S justified their claim, stating: “Everyone knows how we were effectively defeated by the opposition in both the Surulere 2 Federal Constituency parliamentary and parliamentary elections before we regained the constituency after difficult efforts. Divided factions. We needed Asiwaju's full support to unite and work together, but we were only able to win by a narrow vote margin and now he is trying to impose a much less popular candidate. There is.

“Progressive ideals, hope for the masses, social justice, morality in politics, and freedom from impunity, all that the APC stands for, has been replaced by the former and current chairman even before the APC primaries. All are called into question because of his public display of bias in Surulere 1st Federal Constituency. Moreover, how can a person from Lagos go to the constituency of Speaker Abbas in Zaria and do such a thing in an election aimed at the grassroots people and how these two esteemed personalities are indispensable? Is it necessary to toy with the idea of ​​such imposition in areas where the ENDSARS protests against punishment have sparked? Very lively support?

“Just a few days ago, His Royal Highness Gbajabiamila also brought in two traditional rulers from outside our constituency to tell our people what to do, while also committing the crime of opposing Gbaha’s excesses. publicly unleashed flimsy threats and intimidation against His Highness Kabir Caesar Lawal, who had committed the crime, and a self-centered order not to contest this election.”


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