Mr. Kwara: FRSC recorded reduction in road accidents in 2023 - Sector Commander

Mr. Kwara: FRSC recorded reduction in road accidents in 2023 – Sector Commander

The Federal Road Safety Corps, FRSC, Kwara State Command has recorded a decline in road accidents in the state in 2023.

The Commandant of the Division, Mr. Stephen Doorun, who disclosed this in a statement in Ilorin on Friday, said that the command has reduced road accidents from 348 in 2022 to 307 in 2023, which is 11.78%. The number of deaths has also decreased from 231 cases in 2022 to 196 cases in 2023. In 2023 he corresponds to a decrease of 15.15%.

In a statement by the Command's Public Awareness Officer, Mr. Olinka Basambo, Mr. Daurung emphasized the commitment of the Command's officers and men in pursuit of Goal 1 of the 2023 FRSC Corporate Strategic Objectives, which sets out a 5% reduction in road traffic fatalities. He cited resilience and dedication. .

In a statement, the divisional commander said that in December 2023, the number of road accidents decreased to 26 compared to 41 in December 2022, a decrease of 36.58%, and the number of fatalities also decreased in December 2022. The number of cases decreased from 14 in December 2023 to 11, or 21.43, in December 2023. %, decrease.

Additionally, Mr. Takashi Otake stated that the year-end special patrolling operation dubbed “Operation Zero Tolerance” which will run from December 15, 2023 to January 15, 2024 will be carried out in Kwara State, especially during the Christmas and New Year period. He said this was the key to reducing traffic accidents and fatalities. This was a period in which directives to curb the surge in vehicle traffic heralded, among other things, increased deployment of personnel and equipment and the establishment of help areas to quickly respond to road traffic accidents.

The Divisional Commander said, “The command has also developed plans to carry out its mission in Kwara State during 2024, which includes reducing road accidents and fatalities such as speed and non-use of seat belts. “This includes increased enforcement of high-risk factors.” These include not using a child seat, crash helmet, using a phone while driving, and driving under the influence.

“Awareness among the motoring public will also be increased as an important tool in reorienting road users towards safer road transport practices,” he added.

The commander said he would also leverage continued cooperation with stakeholders, including the media, in promoting road safety practices.

Mr Daurun reiterated the readiness and determination of the officers and men of the Kwara State Division towards ensuring a safe motoring environment in the state in 2024, especially for road users and motorists to avoid road accidents. advised to always comply with road traffic rules as a means of safety. .


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